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This loadout was made for an older EVE version (Odyssey ) and may no longer be High slots 3/6. Drone Link Augmentor II Online. DaOpa's EVE - Online FanSite Logo . Drones, Slots, Hardpoints, CPU, PG. Drone Capacity, Drone bandwidth, High Slot, Mid Slot, Low Slot, Launcher Hardpoint. This would be a high slot module that provides dedicated remote rep for drones only. The trick is that it works out to whatever is your effective  Useful non-turret items for high slots - EVE New. My Return of Sorts to FFXIV 2 days ago. The basic thinking here is to create a direct trade-off of DPS for DPS between Turrets and Drones. They can only be fitted to Stealth Bombers. The ishtar recently went through a round of re-balancing because it and the drones were too good. Google Sheets — Updating from a Menu 2 months ago. It Wasn't You It was Me 4 months ago. They have very good tracking and offer a flexible engagement range at the cost of DPS. Newer Post Older Post Home. The regular jump portal generator can only be fitted on a titan and is used to create jump bridges allowing your fleetmates to quickly traverse vast distances without the need for stargates. Implants and Jump Clones, Part 1. The dispenser might have a valve stuck open causing an overflow from time to time, but the meter's fine ; Let's discuss overhauling the way we get intel in EvE. FT Diomedes The Graduates Dannar September 21, at 1: These weapons are area of effect weapons that hit everything within their activation range. These modules will alter enemy ship capacitor. Player Gatherings and Events. But even on a non-bonused ship like a Raven, a Salvager can make L4 missioning a little less dull. Except for rocket launchers, these short-ranged launchers have higher PG and CPU needs than their long-ranged counterparts in contrast, long-ranged turrets have steeper fitting needs than their short-ranged counterparts. CCP should add more NPC 0. Sometimes it won't do it at all, sometimes it will lock back things that lock you, and sometimes it won't lock something until that something aggresses on you. Just be ready for it to try to use a few of those locks in unpredictable fashions. In theory a ship would gain the choice to either fit Turrets in the High slots, leaving Drones as a secondary weapon system, or trade out the Turrets for DDAs to augment the drone damage and effectively turn them into the primary weapon system. Measure results, not effort Fit of the Week: No one else has said this so allow me. Anything caught in the blast radius usually between 2. Six Link Tengu Quote of the Week:

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EVE Online: Kronos - Gila vs. Forsaken Hub

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Features and Ideas Discussion. They offer high damage potential while having decent range. News Downloads Articles Websites Pictures Calendar. This is one of the most complex EVE player guides I've They can only be fitted to Stealth Bombers. Zen and the art of utility highs Friday is recycling day Kill of the Week:


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